We're a delicious little company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We happily create vegan desserts with a strong focus on your well-being and the health of our wonderful planet.

  • Every ingredient we use is organic, which means everything is free from chemical herbicides, pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms.

  • Vegan, gluten free and soy free.

  • No refined sugars. We only use pure organic Canadian maple syrup and dates as sweeteners.

  • Only fresh fruit, to include lemons and limes, which are zested and pressed by hand ensuring that none of the fruit is wasted. In our experience fresh citrus fruit zest and juice provides a taste that liquid extracts cannot replicate.

  • We soak and dehydrate all nuts, as nuts have high amounts of enzyme inhibitors (enzymes help break down food, among other vital functions.) Soaking them neutralizes inhibitors to allow for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Dehydrating also enhances the taste!

  • Responsible sourcing. The organic foods we source come from farmers and suppliers who operate with respect for the earth and their products. We only purchase cacao from responsible sources that support fair trading and offer verifiable information on the organic family farms they support.

  • Biodegradable packaging. Our packaging is designed by people who care, and our labels and belly bands are printed on 80% wheat straw FSC-certified paper. We also buy in bulk and repurpose storage containers as a positive contribution to our planet's health.

  • So good you won't believe it. When refined sugars are removed, we are actually able to taste all the goodness. And it's good for you. And good for others! Good all around!

With zero refined sugars and 100% love we change the world, one tummy at a time.