So Fresh & So Key Lime

Our graham crust —made with gluten free flour and dashes of many spices— start off this mouthful celebration. Then a creamy blend of soaked cashews and coconut mylk lay the grounds for a balance of freshly squeezed lime juice, zest and Canadian maple syrup.

Ingredients: cashews*, coconut milk*, lime*, pure maple syrup*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, gluten free flour*, cinnamon*, ginger*, nutmeg*, alcohol-free vanilla flavoring*, sea salt, 100% pure LOVE.  

contains: cashew, cinnamon, coconut

chocolate pie.jpg

P. Pie

The dark chocolate is a serious work of art. Your heart may flutter, you may burst into sudden laughter, have a joy attack... I don't know.
A blend of 1oo% Peruvian cacao and dark chocolate merge with just enough pure Canadian maple syrup and sea salt to soften up the dark bite, then tamed with coconut mylk to craft a beautifully balanced dark chocolate. 
This glorious top is well accented by a medjool date, flax, and gently toasted coconut crust. Rich in magnesium, chromium, and heart stuff.
Simply put, our pièce de résistance. Oui oui.

Ingredients: 100% Peruvian dark chocolate*, raw Peruvian cacao*, coconut*, medjool dates*, pure maple syrup*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, freshly ground flax seed*, alcohol-free vanilla flavoring*, sea salt, 100% pure LOVE.   

contains: coconut, flax seed

caramel cheesecake.jpg

A Caramel Date

When these pies were just out of the metaphorical oven, we brought them to friends to help us name them. The names suggested were "Oh my God this is so good" and "HMMMMMM!" Too long, right?
A Caramel Date is a cashew-based cheesecake rich in fresh lemon and lime, playfully accented by a simple and delicious walnut-date crust. The top has a very special swirl of date caramel highlighted with a hint of apple cider vinegar! What!?

Ingredients: medjool dates*, cashews*, walnuts*, pure maple syrup*, lemon*, lime*, coconut milk*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, alcohol-free vanilla flavoring*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*, 100% pure LOVE

contains: cashew, walnuts, coconut


Blue Matcha

Blue Matcha is our newest seasonal sensation.
Creamy and soft, patient and unexpected. Blue Matcha meets your palate right in the middle —not too sweet, not too nutty.
Instead, this one plays on the subtle sweetness brought about by the blueberry undertones, and the natural, earthy sweet of the ceremonial grade matcha green tea. Even the crust takes a step back to let these two dance, and only steps in to complement them.
We've been crazy over these.

Ingredients: blueberries*, ceremonial grade matcha green tea*, cashews*, GF oats*, sunflower seeds*, coconut milk*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, pure maple syrup*, sea salt, 100% pure LOVE

contains: cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut


chocolate spread.png

The Chocolate Spread

You'll likely close your eyes and keep them closed for a long time. Then you'll come back to your body -renewed, changed, pampered. 
This smooth chocolate-maple spread is meticulously crafted and cared for. With sun-kissed Peruvian cacao and chocolate, it provides a dark bite, gently toned down by coconut mylk and pure maple syrup, then accented with sea salt. The whole thing is the icing on the cake.

Ingredients: coconut milk*, dark chocolate* (cocoa liquor, coconut crystals, cocoa butter), pure maple syrup*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, raw cacao*,  alcohol-free vanilla flavoring*, sea salt, 100% pure LOVE.   

contains: coconut



Jhon is a chocolate-head. He enjoys 100% tropical cacao and is always on the lookout for the full-bodied stuff: "The sharper, the better." Dotella!
But the craft is in turning that sharpness into a creamy, delicious blend of freshly ground hazelnuts and double dark maple-cacao. A simple combination of health foods make up an authentic spread, full of love for chocolate and chocolate's love for you.

Ingredients: hazelnuts*, raw cacao*, coconut milk*, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil*, pure maple syrup*, alcohol-free vanilla flavoring*, sea salt, 100% pure LOVE

contains: hazelnut, coconut