I come from the highest form of art. Whatever I cook for you, in two short hours will be your blood, your organs -including your skin, heart, brain. It will become the way you look, feel and age; the way you interrelate, perceive and are perceived.
— Chef Patrick Verre, Peacetoques

Peace a' Pie enjoys being naked

We’re so fortunate to be alive today. So fortunate to have an ever-expanding wealth of nutritional information at our disposition. So very fortunate to have stumbled upon a path of self-healing through foods, which enables us to live happily. Becoming aware of the effects of refined sugars —an addiction so many of us deal with— we sought out to replace the seemingly inescapable junk by creating our own desserts. Peace a' Pie was born out of the necessity to change an old habit pattern, and it's given such good results that naturally the desire to share with others soon followed. It has given us an opportunity to craft edible love, so in line with our vision for this planet. We walk creatively, recognizing the process of intaking food as a high form of art, and placing heart and mind into this great service.

Selecting the best possible ingredients allow us to make beautiful art. We approach the making of pie cups as a creative action, one that is positive and helpful to ourselves and others. We use 100% pure Canadian maple syrup as a low-glycemic alternative to refined sugars, and only utilize health supportive ingredients for an authentic guilt-free experience. Our pie cups seriously delicious, and serious about good health.

Every ingredient we use is organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and earth-friendly. Peace a' Pie is determined to gift our planet a wonderful contribution in the form of a healthier you. We believe with zero refined sugars and 100% love we can change the world, one tummy at a time.

In one peaceful world,


Jhon & Samantha